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60% of products fail before they even reach the market

Why doesn't anyone talk about lessons learned from product failure?

5 Product Development Lessons Learned from Failure

by Damian McCabe

I love this article and I think we should talk a lot more about what didn't work vs what hot!

"We don’t hear enough about failures in product development and what can be learned from these failures. In this light, I’m going to share some reflections from my personal experience in the hopes that it will help the Product Development community at large."

"Product development is hard. In his book, The Innovator’s Solution, Clayton Christensen makes the statement, “product development is hard.” To emphasize just how difficult it can be, he goes on to break down the numbers behind how frequently products fail:
60% of products fail before they even reach the market
50% of the products that do reach the market fail to stay in business
75% of the money spent on product development delivers failed products"

Enjoy reading the full article here.

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